Wherever Justice Demands

People ask me all the time how I can stand to represent people accused of doing awful things. Early in my career I would give the standard, “Everyone is entitled to an effective defense under our Constitution” response.

Then one day, I represented a client that I truly believed was innocent of any wrongdoing. The government was trying to prove that my client had sexually assaulted his own daughter. I reviewed the “he said, she said” evidence against my client. While I recognized that the evidence was not very strong, I also knew that any time a person is accused of a heinous crime, especially a sex offense, most people automatically assume guilt.

As I dug further into the case, I learned that the child had told her story numerous times. The extreme variations in the child’s stories accompanied by a clear motive to lie further strengthened my resolve to get justice for my client. Eventually, the man I represented was cleared of any wrongdoing. But his life was forever changed and so was mine.

The government has an army of lawyers, experts, investigators and support staff. The accused usually just has their defense attorney to count on. The odds are stacked against my clients every time regardless of guilt or innocence. However, I am proud to stand as a shield between the government and my clients. One day, it could be you or a loved one that is accused but also innocent.  True defense attorneys go wherever justice demands.