Talk to My Lawyer

There are some professionals no one ever wants to need. Morticians and lawyers top the list of those to avoid.  But I think lawyers get a bad rap here. Many lawyers are hard working professionals who want to help prevent problems before they start and clean up the mess when prevention is no longer possible. The law touches us all, which means that at one time or another, you’re going to need a lawyer.

The fear of going to see a lawyer is real. It doesn’t help that most assume they won’t be able to afford a good lawyer. As a result, we put off seeing an attorney until a problem is staring us in the face. Then the rush is on to find the right attorney under already difficult circumstances. You don’t want to hire someone who is a bad fit for you with so much on the line. How can you be prepared?

Establish a relationship with a lawyer before you need one.  Most lawyers offer free consultations.  Estate planning is also quite affordable for most.  Networking, a free consult, or an estate planning meeting can provide you with an affordable opportunity to size up your potential lawyer.  If you build a relationship with a lawyer on your own terms, you won’t feel the need to rush into a bad situation when your life is most hectic.  Planning ahead by finding your lawyer can ensure that you have a powerful ally in your corner every time you need one.