Robert Frost was a Wise Guy

“Good fences make good neighbors.” In my opinion, Robert Frost knew what he was talking about. Property disputes, noise complaints, trespassing – the list of possible problems with the Joneses next door is endless. Thankfully, I am very lucky in this regard: on the left side, I have a sweet elderly couple that rarely leaves their house, much less comes onto my property. On the right side, my neighbors reside primarily in another county and visit their property only every few months. For this introvert, I hit the neighbor lottery 

What if you’re not so lucky in this department? Here’s a very “lawyer” answer for you: create a written record. Let’s take the example of tree damage. Say Jerry Jones, next door, has a tree on his property that has some heavy branches that stretch over onto your property. Let’s further say that those branches are too close to your roof. Create that written record by notifying Jerry about this problem. Put him on notice that he needs to trim his tree and prevent any damage to your home. Do it periodically, until he fixes the problem. If he doesn’t fix the problem, and the next hurricane season causes storm offshoots that break his branches onto your roof, you’re likely going to have to make a homeowner’s claim with your insurance company first; however, you can later go after good ol’ Jerry for any amounts that you’re out of pocket, such as your deductible, and showing the judge that Jerry was put on notice of this looming problem by your written letters is definitely going to give you a leg up in court.  

So to recap, boys and girls: be vigilante about any potential problems, and be proactive to fix them. Call us with questions as they arise. And think about building those fences as high as you can  Bob Frost was a wise man.  

Christina S. Stanford