Protect Your Rights at Bonnaroo

The week of Bonnaroo is a busy time for law enforcement agencies in and around Manchester, Tennessee. Many law enforcement officials around the state target Bonnaroo week as a time to stop festival-goers and search their cars for drugs and other illegal items such as weapons. Remember some of the following helpful tips to prevent an arrest or charge as you travel to Bonnaroo:

  1. Make sure you follow all traffic laws (even the tricky ones, like following too closely or improper passing).
  2. Make sure your insurance and registration are up-to-date.
  3. Be polite and stay calm.
  4. Never consent to a search of your car unless a search warrant has been obtained with your name on it (you may be threatened with certain consequences if you fail to consent to a search – never give consent to a search).
  5. Do not drink alcohol or smoke marijuana on the way to the festival (don’t allow other in your car to do so either).
  6. Be truthful regarding your name and other information (do not make admissions or denials regarding accusations; rather, politely tell the officer that you would like to talk to your attorney before answering any questions).
  7. Don’t make any quick or sudden movements and keep your hands out of your pockets.
  8. If you are issued a citation or arrested, do not make any statements or answer any questions by police until you have an attorney present. Do not become angry or violent (this conduct will only make the situation more difficult for you to manage).
  9. If you are given the opportunity to make a call from jail, make sure you remember that all calls are recorded. Never discuss any details surrounding your criminal charges over the jail phones.

Once you are at Bonnaroo, be wary of any person you don’t know that is trying to sell anything other than the approved vendors at the festival. You should also be aware that all persons and vehicles that enter the Bonnaroo property are subject to search without cause of any kind. By entering Bonnaroo property, you are consenting to be searched at any time by law enforcement officials.

In years past, festival-goers that were issued citations for drug charges were sent a letter by the Coffee County District Attorney’s Office offering to dismiss a possession charge if a hefty fine was paid into the County drug fund. In 2015, this policy changed. It is expected that all festival-goers who are issued a citation or arrested in Coffee County, Tennessee, will be processed through the local Court system.

If you are charged with a Bonnaroo drug offense, you should seek the assistance of an aggressive and experienced criminal defense lawyer right away. In certain cases, our attorneys will be able to reach an agreement with the State to waive your appearance at certain court proceedings. We will also do everything we can to make sure your criminal history is not adversely affected by any charges through expungements or dismissals. At The Stanford Law Firm, PLLC, our attorneys have years of experience resolving drug cases for our clients. Our attorneys make sure that your constitutional rights have not been violated by law enforcement officials and we explore every reasonable option as we develop your defense.