Our Children, Our Future

Across our county, a huge cross-section of our children are in crisis. They have to wake themselves up for school and get on the bus without their parents’ help.  Sometimes they either eat at school or they don’t get to eat at all.  They watch themselves and their younger siblings while their parents sleep or disappear.  These children are exposed to people and bad situations that place them in harm’s way.

Drug addicted parents have threatened their children for a long time.  Our country’s opioid crisis and the widespread availability of other potent drugs, like methamphetamine, have greatly accelerated the problem. Our court system has been on the front lines battling this threat for many years. Unfortunately, the government cannot protect our children without help.  

Concerned grandparents, relatives, or friends can file custody and adoption lawsuits.  Clean, sober parents should fight for their children in divorce and custody lawsuits. These people have one thing in common: they cannot stand to see a child they love be hurt or put in danger by a drug addicted parent any longer.

I regularly see regret from people who didn’t act sooner because they didn’t think they could prove the drug abuse. While we know that our system isn’t perfect, custody lawyers have tools at our disposal to collect evidence against drug-addicted parents. You owe it to any endangered child in your life to ask a custody lawyer for advice.  Together, we can give these children a chance at a safe, happy home.