Make Your New Year’s Resolution Count

It’s the time of year to begin thinking about what resolutions to make for the new year.  Many will resolve to workout more or quit a bad habit.  Two months later, the gym membership is canceled.  If you are tired of making the same old resolutions and need something new to chew on this year, why don’t you ensure that your family isn’t left with a hefty burden due to your disability or death?

I know that death and disability are not fun topics.  Human nature causes folks to ignore their estate plan until it is too late.  The good news is that if you can get over the mental hurdle associated with estate planning, your legacy will be protected and handled with relative ease.  If you fail to plan ahead, you will leave behind serious consequences for your loved ones.

When poor health or disease makes someone unable to care for themselves, powers of attorney can provide a smooth transition.  Likewise, when a person dies without a will, their family often spends more money handling the estate than necessary.  It is also unfortunate when a loved one gets cut out of inheritance because of a technicality in the law that planning could have prevented.

These situations are easy to plan for and avoid.  Your attorney can help you make an estate plan that fits your situation.  The low costs of estate planning pale in comparison to the stressful chaos left behind when we fail to plan for our future.