Bonnaroo Legal Advice

Trouble with the law at Bonnaroo? Our local Manchester attorneys can help. 

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival will be in Manchester, Tennessee on June 17-20, 2021. If you’ve attended Bonnaroo before, you know that many festival goers will likely be arrested or issued citations for drugs, alcohol and other charges. Each year, the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department and other local law enforcement issue hundreds of citations for drug possession and arrest a smaller but still significant number of people.

If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you were arrested or issued a citation at Bonnaroo 2021, you need to contact a local Manchester law firm immediately. Even if you traveled to Bonnaroo from another city or state, you must attend Coffee County court in Manchester. The Stanford Law Firm is a locally owned firm with extensive experience in handling Bonnaroo cases from our Manchester office. Why does it matter that you choose the local Manchester attorneys at Stanford Law Firm to help you win your Bonnaroo citation or arrest case? Here are 3 reasons:


1. Location

The Stanford Law Firm’s office is located just a couple of streets away from the Coffee County Courthouse, where you will have to make your criminal court appearance for your Bonnaroo citation or arrest. Our attorneys are constantly working in the Coffee County Courthouse in Manchester, so we are familiar with how things work over there. An attorney from Murfreesboro, Nashville, Cookeville, or Chattanooga will not be highly familiar with the court you’ll appear in like an attorney from Manchester will be.


2. Support

An attorney in Manchester not only knows the local court system but also the local community. At the Stanford Law Firm, we work and live in Manchester and we understand the Bonnaroo community. We know how special the festival is to you, and we want to make sure that your future isn’t affected because you got a criminal charge or citation while enjoying yourself at Bonnaroo. Our attorneys do not judge you for your actions. Whether it’s drug charges, a DUI, public intoxication, theft, or other charges, we simply want to help. A criminal charge from a citation or arrest at Bonnaroo can stay on your record and be seen by potential employers, colleges, and more. Unless you get the help of an attorney, you can almost certainly face jail time. Without an experienced Bonnaroo lawyer, you will also probably not be able to get the charge expunged (erased) and it will remain on your public record for anyone to find.


3. Fight

If you’re facing criminal charges, especially in a city you are not from, you need a trustworthy advocate on your side. Our skilled attorneys will provide you aggressive representation to make sure you have a fair chance of winning your case. Our experience with both Bonnaroo legal cases and the Coffee County Court ensures you will be represented by the best possible attorney for the job. We understand that an arrest or citation at Bonnaroo can be scary and can truly ruin what should be a wonderful week of music, friends, and fun. With our fierce defense behind you, you have the best chance of avoiding jail time and getting the charges expunged.

Get Your Bonnaroo Citation or Arrest Handled

You cannot ignore an arrest or citation from Tennessee law enforcement, but it doesn’t have to be a giant headache. Working with an experienced criminal attorney will turn your legal nightmare into a stress-free process. The Stanford Law Firm can help you get your Bonnaroo criminal case resolved quickly and with minimal lasting damage. Don’t take a chance on a law firm that doesn’t understand your situation. Choose the local Manchester attorneys at Stanford Law to handle your 2021 Bonnaroo festival citation or arrest case.

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