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These days, many of us have some familiarity with domestic court – divorces and custody changes are rampant. We often see domestic issues bleed into another court: criminal court. Parties in a romantic relationship may find that their divorce case takes morphs into a criminal case if one of the partners is charged with committing […]

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Our firm helps a lot of people in a lot of different ways — resolving custody disagreements, planning for the future with wills and powers of attorney, defending against criminal charges. But another very important service we offer is helping our clients file bankruptcy. In some circles, “bankruptcy” was once a bad word. People used […]

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I’m a day late and a dollar short in speaking on this topic, but I had to address it despite my tardiness – this is a personal favorite of mine. Yesterday was National Grandparents’ Day, and I am extremely lucky in that my boys have two sets of wonderful grandparents. Both my parents and my […]

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For those of us who are parents (or even stepparents) sharing custody of a child, a big issue that can cause stress is child support. I’m not talking to the successful co-parents right now; the rest of us applaud you, don’t quite understand you, and are often jealous of you. We aspire – and usually […]

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