Have Parents Gone Mental

Mental health issues are everywhere.  Yet, nobody wants to talk about them. Many people even refuse to recognize mental illness and insist that it is “just an excuse.” However, the legal system recognizes that mental health issues are negatively impacting children who are raised by parents that refuse to seek proper treatment.

A common scenario I see is where a parent becomes out of control because the other parent has chosen a new significant other.  The abandoned parent is terrified that their child will choose the new significant other and they will be replaced. The mentally ill parent then works tirelessly to alienate the other parent due to a severe fear of abandonment.  This is often the sign of a serious personality disorder.  The child in this scenario is often subject to unnecessary encounters with police and DCS due to false allegations constantly made by the mentally ill parent.

Another common scenario arises when a parent is so narcissistic that physical and emotional abuse become their method of control.  Escaping from a narcissistic and controlling parent can be overwhelming for the victims.

The children in our community deserve to be safe in their homes.  If you are reading this and know a child that is suffering due to the mental health issues of their parents, you should speak to a qualified custody attorney and learn your options. The courts will make every effort to protect a child trapped in a home with a parent that is suffering from untreated mental illness.